What to Expect:

Upon arrival, you will undergo a complete assessment from one of our experienced providers. This assessment includes many domains, such as:

– Balance and Walking
– Sleep problems
– Strength
– Memory
– Weight and nutrition
– Physical activity assessment
– Falls screening
– Depression screening


Our Research Mission:

One mission of the SAFE clinic is to learn more about the aging process so that our providers may best help older adults in the future. Thus, we ask all patients for permission to collect information about them to be used for research purposes. Of course, your care will not be affected by whether or not you give your consent to participate in a research study.


What to Bring:

Our assessment can take up to 90 minutes with one scheduled break. You are welcome to   bring any personal comfort items with you such as:

> snacks and reading materials

> If you use a cane or walker, please bring it with you

> Family members are always welcome and can often provide additional support and information for our patients.


How to Get Here:

The SAFE clinic is located at the University of Chicago Outpatient Senior Health Center at South Shore

7101 S. Exchange Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60649


We are located on the southeast corner at the intersection of South Shore Drive, Exchange Avenue, 71st Street, and Route 41. The South Shore Cultural Club is located on the northeast corner, with the train station directly west.

From downtown Chicago, take Lake Shore Drive south. It will turn into South Shore Drive. Continue to the intersection of South Shore Drive, Exchange Avenue, 71st Street, and Route 41.

From Northwest Indiana, take Route 41 north until it merges into the intersection of Route 41, South Shore Drive, Exchange Avenue, and 71st Street.